Our client base is quite diversified as we continue to attract more and more clients based upon the many referrals we receive.  Word of mouth is still one of our best advertisers and performance is what keeps our customers returning.  We don’t talk about what we can do for your team, we simply perform.  Below are some of our most recent affiliations we are proud to present.

US Government Clients

deptdefense Department of Defense (DoD)

corpsengineers US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

fdfd US Army Vehicles Project Management

usarmy US Army

Special  Forces Branch Plaque US Army, Special Forces

dfsdf PRT Parwan and Kapisa

Afghan Government Clients

Thumbnail for version as of 02:01, 27 October 2006 Afghan National Army

Thumbnail for version as of 12:39, 25 October 2008 Afghan National Police

Commercial Clients Critical Mission Support Services

AAA Inc                                      Afghan American Army Services

Defense  Group Inc. Defense Group Inc.KBR