United Sadat Logistics and Transportation Company (USC) is a fully Afghan-owned and Afghan-asset based logistics, construction, and transportation team headquartered in Kabul. Our team has been providing security, transportation, construction, and logistics support to US, ISAF and Coalition Forces for the over 3 years as a contractor and subcontractor for DoD construction projects and Host Nation Trucking (HNT) delivering both petroleum and dry products.

USC has a blended Executive Staff that consists of Afghani partners and their American counterparts, all co-located throughout Afghanistan. This unique cooperative allows for exceptional regional knowledge and Western best practices to ensure secure and efficient transport and delivery, accurate tracking via ITVs (transponders for in-transit visibility), real-time communications that is essential to operating in hostile parts of the country, particularly in the volatile southern and western Afghan provinces.

We own and operate our own licensed security teams that have been delivering seamlessly for almost 7 years all over Afghanistan.  We own our own truck fleet and our drivers are experienced in convoy operations to virtually all FOBs (Forward Operating Bases).  This, coupled with our reputation to deliver where others will not nor cannot, means critical items are delivered securely and expeditiously.  We are owners first, unlike several providers currently under contract.  USC has dedicated assets for regular service and the ability to surge swiftly with existing agreements with our multiple partners.  This means we can react rapidly to deliver increased orders often within hours of the demand.

Our intent is to delight our customer by delivering what we promise; Uniformity, Service, Commitment, and significant value at a fair price making it a “Best Value”. USC has made tremendous investments in personnel and assets to deliver anywhere in Afghanistan and ensure our client receives its supplies on demand; No excuses, period.