We also offer unsurpassed quality and value in static/convoy security services through our partner ANSO (Afghanistan Naween Security Organization) providing secure installation, convoy escort, and personal security services (including armored B-6 lease vehicles) to US bases, DoD/ISAF convoys, and commercial customers.


At USC, We operate our own security company as partners to ANSO (AFGHANISTAN NAVIN SECURITY ORGANIZATION Company, LTD).  Our alliance means over 12 years of protection experience. USC provides our own teams to support our operations and have a direct interest in protection of our assets as well as the cargo we carry.

We do not make any deals with the Taliban and never have.  All our members are vetted and trained according to our proven, controlled methods. Many of our teams have over 7 years of experience working with us.  We are very proud of our record of success in this area and will place it against any other Afghan company.

Overland Transport and Logistics

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When you have a trusted Overland Freight partner who understands your business goals and transportation issues in our region, you have USC’s brand of personal service. Through clear communication, thoughtful collaboration and dedicated follow-through, our Program teams seek to understand your objectives and create solutions that deliver. USC’s freight specialists know the key to a successful supply chain is a committed relationship with our customer.


USC has been providing quality construction projects for its clients from road construction to Re-Locatable Buildings (RLBs).  We follow approved design-build plans and have already constructed RLB designs from 1 to 3 story buildings.  Our fabrication process is proven by our ability to deliver an RLB within 60 days, fully operational and within specifications.  We are expanding our current fabrication yard to meet the ever-increasing demand for this item.  USC stands ready to meet the challenge and are ready to build to your specifications.